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This project has more than meets your eye. The house was found in a very depleted state. For us, it meant tremendous opportunity and freedom to re-envision everything!

A blank canvas. Priorities were set: a simple, clean, modern and energy efficient house that is artful and warm. We added a garden level extension with floor to ceiling windows

in the back. A Pex pipe radiant floor heating system along with several ductless air conditioning units was installed throughout the entire building, to keep it nice and warm

in winter and cool in the summer months. We took extra care in sourcing material and products like tilt and turn windows, insulations and a modern tankless boiler to ensure comfort and energy cost savings. Overall the house has proved to be every bit what we hoped for. 


Project: Full gut renovation, extention, energy efficiency, landscaping | Completion: 2012 | Size: 2500 sqft | 

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